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Financial Analysis

Our specialty is financial analysis and valuing businesses of all sizes using cash flow projection models. We are experts in turning qualitative information into quantitative analysis. Our valuation models provide what-if scenarios that help make better educated management decisions. Industries we serve are, among others, consumer products, software, SaaS, manufacturing, high-tech, energy, Cleantech, agriculture, environmental and Biotech. Our clients range from startups raising venture capital to large closely held corporations.

Strategic Consulting – M&A

Our Strategic Consulting and M&A Services include:

• Origination and market research
• Performing detailed due diligence
• Term sheet preparation and negotiations
• Sell and buy-side transactions
• Corporate mergers
• Joint venture and strategic partner structuring
• Preparation of discounted-cash-flow and merger consequences models

Our clients find the combination of industry, investment banking and entrepreneurial experience to be a distinct advantage of the firm. The firm’s senior financial executives have significant investment banking experience and a successful track record in executing some of the most complex financial transactions. Our focus is on creating value of fast growing small and middle market companies with disruptive products.

CFO Services

Our CFO experience includes a wide range of tasks with a focus on capital acquisition and delivering high returns to stakeholders in the consumer products, software, SaaS, manufacturing, high-tech, energy, Cleantech, environmental and entertainment industries. We are experts in developing bottoms-up financial forecasts that are proven to comply with the standards of the most sophisticated and experienced investors. Our experience includes:

• Strategic CFO Services – CEO Support
• Business Model Development and Vetting
• Financial Model Development
• Company Valuations
• Capitalization Tables
• Bookkeeping

Project Finance

CENAK is engaged in the development of several large-scale projects in the energy industry from origination through project completion. CENAK professionals currently serve as financial advisors to Pacific LNG, a 2 million ton a year natural gas liquefaction plant on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Past projects include an ammonia and UAN plant in Trinidad & Tobago, gas pipelines and large-scale energy storage projects.

As part of the project development team, we at CENAK manage highly complex transactions involving various interest groups and constituencies.We additionally manage financial efforts that raise equity and project finance debt, as well as other project development tasks, which include preparation of complex studies and reports, cooperation with technology providers, lawyers and other project partners such as feedstock suppliers and product off-takers.







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    Let’s face it, most founders dread dealing with anything that has to do with the back office.  If it was for them, a typical workday time allocation would look something like this: If you want to raise capital, whether it is from friends, family and fools, angels, or VCs, you better increase that “Everything Else” category to include having your financial house in order.  Here are the f

  • A Quick And Dirty Multiple Valuation (With Emphasis on Dirty!)

    Probably the easiest way to do a quick valuation of your business is a multiple analysis. To do so, you need to know what financial metric is commonly used to value your business. Early stage businesses are often valued using a sales multiple because they don’t have positive EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) yet. Software companies, such as Software-as-a-Servi

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    No, I am not encouraging you to have a drink right now (but feel free if it’s past Happy Hour in your time zone!) I wanted to briefly point out the difference between a bottom-up and a top-down valuation approach for companies. We run into this topic frequently with company founders who too often rely on the top-down approach. The top-down approach uses a percentage of the overall market si

  • Company Ownership Structure

    My name is Andreas Kraemer and I am a founding partner at CENAK Consulting L.P., a boutique investment bank focusing on the needs of early stage growth companies.  I have a successful track record of over 16 years in venture capital investing, deal structuring and M&A. One question we get asked over and over again is how to structure a company initially.  There is the question of the legal

  • Hey Ladies! What’s the score?

    Hey Ladies! What’s the score? A question often raised in the venture capital community is around the lack of women at the forefront of the venture capital headlines.  We all assume that since men are hard-wired (testosterone driven) to be bigger risk takers than women, their leadership will result in bigger returns

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