The news these weeks has been filled with dramatic stories of natural disaster and widespread unrest across the global landscape.  Naturally, we are all focused on thinking of ways to lend support to Japan and how the call for reform and resulting violence in the Middle East will impact us. I’m certainly feeling change at the pump, aren’t you?

The broader market is reacting to these events with uncertainty, resulting in volatility in the markets.

But, out of crisis and chaos come opportunity.  In moments like this, innovation is required in response to changing market needs and could quite literally “save the day.”

Innovation is at the heart of both of these news events.  Cell phones and social media have been lynchpin to communications across the Middle East.  The same technology has allowed the Japanese to capture the disaster as it happens (in pictures and other media) which has implications for crisis planning/prevention in the future, and has allowed the Japanese to help locate loved ones or to get messages out of Japan to loved ones abroad.

Recovery after such events relies on innovation.  Do you have an “underdog” of an idea waiting to save the day?  Let us help you turn that idea into reality.  If you want to be considered as a CENAK Consulting L.P.l client submit your information to info@cenak.com.

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