• Groundbreaking, earthshaking and yes, disrupting.  The “Yo” app is here.  First mentioned in a Financial Times article last Tuesday (no link, since they make you sign up) it quickly grew and cracked the top 150 free apps in iOS by Wednesday night. “Yo” is simple.  All it lets you do is send a single message to your friends.  Yes, you guessed right, that simple message is “Yo”.  I got hooked Thursday night but signed up exactly when the app got hacked.  A few “Yo”s later I was not able to communicate any more.  Meh! Wait!  Did somebody say “Meh”?  Boy, do we have an app for that! Unlike its larger cousin, “Meh” so far is self-funded.  “Yo” received third party funding to the tune of $1 million, plus $200k put in by its genius Tel Aviv-based founder,

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